Budget-friendly tile renovations to revamp your kitchen

Posted on September 15, 2021


You might have heard a million times that kitchen renovations are expensive and also time-consuming. Kitchen flooring is an important element to be considered in the remodeling process. You can improve the entire look of your cooking space by changing the flooring of your kitchen. However, if you choose the correct tiles, we assure you that you would end up making your kitchen look like a million bucks; even though you would have paid much less!
  Through this article, we will show you how to achieve a high-end look for less, especially with budget-friendly kitchen tiling. Consider the following:
1. Ceramic Tiles:
The most common type of material used for kitchen flooring is ceramic tile. Its main attraction is that it is water and stain-resistant. You can also use "glazed" ceramic tiles to ensure even higher humidity resistance. Ceramic tiles are very durable, as well. Ceramic flooring is not likely to be damaged by dropped pots, plates, or other accidents in the kitchen. Lastly, if your ceramic tile floor gets damaged for some unforeseeable reason, it is relatively simple to replace the damaged tiles (rather than the entire floor). As far as price is concerned, ceramic tile is a middle-range material.
2. Porcelain Tiles:
Despite resembling ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more durable and water-resistant. A porcelain tile kitchen floor is one of the most durable floor materials available. The material is so durable that it can be used even in high-pressure environments, such as commercial kitchens. Low maintenance is another benefit of porcelain tile flooring. Most often, it simply can be cleaned by sweeping and mopping with a damp rag. It is more expensive to buy porcelain tiles than ceramic tiles, but they are still not very expensive.
3. Laminated Wooden Flooring:
Laminate wooden flooring looks very attractive and durable. Furthermore, laminate flooring is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and long-lasting. Laminated hardwood flooring gives the kitchen a warm appearance since it mimics natural wood. Price-wise, they are moderately priced. 
4. Cement Tile Kitchen Flooring:
Despite being relatively uncommon, cement tile is an excellent material for kitchen flooring. In a stark, minimalist way, the material looks beautiful. You have a wide range of designs and color options to choose from how the finished product looks. In a traditional-style kitchen, cement tiles will work well. If you decide to use cement tiles in your kitchen, you'll need to take proper care and maintain them. Despite its affordability, cement tiles are not cheap. The price of this flooring material is in the midrange.
5. Travertine Tile Kitchen Flooring:
Travertine is an increasingly popular flooring material in kitchens. Its natural charm has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity in kitchens where a rustic look is desired. It is generally available in brown, rust, or tan tones. Additionally, Travertine is considered a luxury material. Each tile is unique because of the pattern found within it. As far as price is concerned, Travertine is a mid-range flooring material.  
In the kitchen, where cleanliness is necessary, most people choose tiles because they are easy to keep clean. Thus, sometimes attractiveness and cost-effectiveness take a backseat. However, the above-listed tile-flooring options are attractive and cost-effective. JustTileSetters is a reputed platform that connects Licensed Tile Contractors and Tile Repair Contractors with customers. If you search the phrase "Tile Installer Near Me," this platform shows you a list of available contractors in your area. Choose the one that best aligns with your needs. Count on JustTileSetters for tile installation services that are second to none!

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