Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Complement Your White Kitchen

Posted on May 06, 2021


Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Complement Your White Kitchen
White Kitchen has always been trending. While other kitchen trends may come and go, an all-white kitchen can never go out of style. Suppose you are getting a new white kitchen or renovating an already existing white kitchen. In that case, it is imperative to remember that a good backsplash is often under-utilized, and it has a lot to offer! When you are working on a white kitchen, these wall sections can make a lot of difference in your kitchen’s overall look.

Here are few fantastic kitchen backsplash ideas that will give ideas on how you can reinvent and revamp your comfort space by adding just a few colors and textures here and there!

  • Opt for Patterned Victorian Tiles: The glossy Victorian tiles with mild patterns and soft pastel colors give the kitchen an old farmhouse-style look. One can add the tiles in the backsplash by bringing them all the way from countertops to the ceiling. That would help create a statement and also gently complement the white cabinets.
  • Usage of Classic White Subway Tiles: One can never go wrong with white subway tiles, which have been in use for decades. The glossy white subway tiles blend flawlessly with white cabinets, and they can also be used to whatever pattern one wants to aim for. Whether you want to create a farmhouse kitchen or a modern, sophisticated kitchen, white subway tiles would suit your requirements well.
  • Choosing Iridescent Tiles: If you aim to add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen, opt for iridescent tiles that would make the kitchen look cool and different. Pair the iridescent tiles backsplash with a white marble platform, and it would give the kitchen a very calming look.
  • Opt for Herringbone Pattern: If you don’t want to spend a lot on the backsplash, we recommend you get rectangular tiles and create a herringbone pattern out of them. Once finished, look that it will give your kitchen a stunning, evergreen look.
  • Use Grey Retro Tiles: There is no doubt that grey and white look great together. And when used in a kitchen, they create an impressive and bright space. So if you have decided to add grey to your kitchen, you can choose to go for retro design, which would set your kitchen apart and give it an evergreen look.
  • Give the Backsplash a Tinge of Gold: Choose the white tiles that have a gold-metallic border or have a slight golden tinge worked on them. This would give your kitchen a glamorous look. You can also add gold hardware on the cabinets, which would look great with the backsplash.
Deciding as to what type of backsplash to opt for can be tough since the options seem to be never-ending. However, our advice is to choose the kind of tiles that suit the type of kitchen you want to get. Also, it is advisable to make recommendations of professional tile contractors to get expert advice.

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