Tile Trends To Lookout For Kitchen Makeover In 2021

Posted on February 17, 2021


Gone are the days when a modern kitchen was all about visually-appealing décor and mild colors. Today, functionality and convenience also define a modern kitchen. Adopting a contemporary mix of kitchen décor trends that are widely accepted every year should be what you should be doing for that kitchen makeover that you are planning!
There are lots of contemporary kitchen design trends for 2021 that would totally revamp your kitchen. While you might have already carefully picked out every appliance, the hardware pieces and the colors, here are few tile trends that you should consider before finalizing what tiles and what tile designs you should go for! 
Also, if you are thinking of alternatives to tiles, we would suggest going with traditional tile flooring and tile backsplash. Tiles are so versatile that one can always find one to contrast or co-ordinate with the kitchen furniture.
Here are the tile trends that you can adopt for your kitchen makeover in 2021:
  • Go Entirely White:
Going entirely white with the tiles and the furniture has been trending on and off since last few years. This is a very refreshing and exciting look. One can also use dimensional white tiles with configurations, which gives the kitchen an intriguing and captivating look. 
Another way to give your kitchen a cool and calming look is to use different tiling patterns, mix materials internally, and provide points of interest upon closer inspection in the kitchen. 
Going all white with tiles as well as the furniture is something that will probably never go out of fashion. 
  • Tile Mosaics:
Tile Mosaics are popularly used as kitchen backsplash since they are made up of small-scale tiles either used in small space or creating a whole accent wall. Other materials that can be used along with tiles are glass, ceramic, marble, porcelains so as to add pops of colors here and there, shape and shine to the kitchen. 
You can also try to think out of the box and get creative with unorthodox sizes and shapes so as to make your walls stand out. 
  • Get Tiles for Flooring:
Whatever the size of your kitchen is, a tile floor should make a perfect choice. The reason for this is simple: whether it is a bubbling pot, dropped bowl contents or a splattered pan, it can be easily cleaned. Tiles are easy to maintain, durable and even easier to clean. Whether you are opting for a classic look or a modern look, tiles would suit the look!
A tiling trend to look out for in 2021 is getting wooden-look alike flooring which would offer a neutral and natural look with outstanding durability. 
One primary reason why Tiled Kitchen is trending for years and will remain so is it can be dressed up in varied choices by adding shine, patterns, sparkle and texture. It is sure to last you for years! However, the decision as to whom you choose as tile-setter will impact your kitchen look highly. This is why it is advisable to hire a professional tile-setter who has a great experience. 
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