Top Commonly asked questions To your Professional Tile Setter

Posted on December 31, 2020


Questions You Should Ask To your Professional Tile Setter Before Finalizing Him
While the real joy of a newly done tile-installation job is to stand back and admire the job, a lot goes into getting there. The most important job is to select a trustworthy professional tile setter. However, it is imperative that you hire a qualified contractor. This is because installing tiles is not just about placing tile in a mortar and waiting for it to dry. Places like bathrooms and kitchens have water lines running through them, and if the installation team does not take care of it, you could end up in a mess.
If you are going to give your house a new look by installing tiles and you are in the process of finalizing a tile setter, then here are the questions you should ask them before you finalize one:
  • What standards do you use?
The first question to ask tile contractors is whether they are following any standards when they install tiles. There are many standards, and your contractor should follow them. These standards ensure the contractor is following the best practices for installing tiles. You can check with them which handbook method they are going to use for your project. Use of standard ensures, once the work is finished, you will have a great looking and long-lasting installation at your home.
  • What tile size are you going to use?
A common man may think that any size of tiles works for a house. However, it is not true. After looking at the layout of your kitchen and bathroom, a professional tile contractor should be able to tell you what size of tiles to use. The size usually depends on the size of the room, the tiles' design, the shape of the tiles, the visual effect you want to create, and the tiles' pattern. If you have already finalized the design, the tile contractor should be able to answer what size you should be buying.
  • When would you install the tiles?
If your house is going through a renovation or building a new home, you must set up the tiles at the right time. Your contractor should tell you specifically during which phase of renovation he will do the installation. You have to ensure that no heavy work is done in that area once the tiles are laid out. Ideally, your contractor should install tiles after the site has been primed out, and before the painting is done.
  • Can you show some of the work you have done recently and provide a reference?
A contractor may be certified and may be following all the essential standards but eventually, what matters is the outcome. You should check their portfolio and look for completed work that matches your project. Also, ask for references and check with references if the contractor was professional enough while working at their place.
Once you have answers to these questions, finalizing the tile-setter who would best suit your project will become a lot easier. JustTileSetters is a platform that brings all the professional tile contractors in the US together on a single platform. All that the user has to do quick-search “Tile Installer In My Area,” and the platform will instantly show up reliable contractors from which the users can find their best fit at their convenience.

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