How to install tiles perfectly and avoid common mistakes

Posted on May 16, 2023


Immensely durable, economical, and aesthetic, tile floors are the perfect choice for any homeowner. Another reason why they are preferred is because installing them is super easy. Despite being an easy DIY project, it is easy to make mistakes while setting the tiles.  
Some of these mistakes can turn out to be not just costly but also time-consuming and stressful. 
This blog helps you avoid exactly this. Continue reading to know more about how to set your tile floor perfectly. 
1.    Not sampling the tiles before ordering them
Although a minor mistake, not getting a sample of the tiles that you intend to use, may make the installation run into problems later on. This is mainly because the true color of the tiles is different from how it looks online. And it may not always be a match.
To avoid this, make sure that you order a swatch of the tiles. It should preferably be a full-sized tile sample to help you understand how its texture and color go with the ambiance of your house.  
2.    Not ordering the right number of tiles
Imagine getting to the end of your bedroom makeover and realizing that you are falling short of a few tiles. A common and tedious mistake is not calculating correctly the number of tiles that you need for installation. 
To avoid this, always keep a margin for wastage and breakage of tiles while setting them. We recommend ordering extra 10-15 percent tiles to ensure that you have enough tiles to finish your project. 
3.    Buying wrong-sized tiles
This is another common error that people make while laying their tile floors. Picking the wrong size of tiles spells the difference between the successor failure of your tiling project.
For instance, many homeowners select smaller tiles for smaller rooms thinking larger tiles will make their space look smaller. However, since smaller tiles have more grout lines, they are the ones that end up making your room look cluttered and smaller. Similarly, if you are adding bold-colored tiles in your rooms, opt for smaller tiles. They will make the space look bigger and less busy. 
4.    Missing prepping the surface properly
While installing tile floors, not preparing the surface well is enough to make the project fail. Whether it is your bathroom, bedroom, or even the porch, the surface needs to be prepared well. Not doing so may leave you with slippage or crooked tiles
To ensure that your surface is smooth, fill in any gaps that you see. Make sure to level all the bumps and remove the ridges. After this, clean the floor well to wipe away any dust, debris, or other material that may interfere with the adhesive. Prepping the surface will help you keep your tile floors in place for a longer time and save money that you may otherwise need for their repairs. 
5.    Not using the right adhesive
Though not many people think about this, the choice and amount of adhesive can make or break your tile project. One of the most important things is to choose the right kind of adhesive for your space. This includes:
·      Heat-resistant adhesive for spaces like the fireplace.
·      Waterproof adhesive is ideal for your bathroom and patio.
·      Rapid-set adhesive is perfect when you need quick drying and to keep large tiles from slipping away. 
A common mistake that people make is that they don’t use enough adhesive. Make sure that you use an ample amount and spread it uniformly beneath the tiles instead of just using it in the corners or center. 
6.    Not grouting properly
If you have spent a long time setting your tiles, it may be tempting to get over with the project as soon as you can. In this rush, many people make the mistake of rushing through the grouting process. 
Grouting is one of the most critical processes and helps you save your floors from dirt or moisture seeping beneath your tiles. We recommend spreading the grout carefully into all the tile joints. Once it is dry, wait for at least three hours before cleaning the tiles and walking on them.
Another important consideration is the grout color. Picking the wrong color may make your room look unkempt and even damage your tiles by staining them. Our vote goes for light-colored grout. It goes with all kinds of tiles such as terrazzo and natural stone and doesn’t show through them. 
7.    Not hiring tiling professionals 
While you can manage DIY tiling projects, making your tile floors last longer is a specialist job. Inexperience with tiling can make you make some expensive mistakes that may not just compromise the ambiance of your house but also force you to spend on repairing and readjusting tiles later on. 
The best way to do this is to look for experienced tile setters. These professionals are adept at preparing all kinds of surfaces and working with a variety of tiles, whatever size your space may be. They also help you in keeping your tile floors clean and free of scratches and cracks.
If you are planning to get new tile floors and want to avoid these common mistakes from popping up, JustTileSetters can help. This is a one-of-a-kind platform to find the most credible and experienced tile contractors in your area. Visit our website or download the app to get started with beautiful tile floors.

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