A guide to the best pet-friendly flooring options

Posted on April 19, 2023


Who doesn’t love having a furry friend at home? They make the home livelier and happier. However, having a pet at home also means that your flooring is always at risk of scratches and mess from their dander and spills. 
This doesn’t mean that you have to keep your pets off the floor. If you are upgrading your home or are in the market for a new one, all you need to do is to look for a floor that is more compatible with pets. 
This blog talks about some of the best flooring options for households with pets. We will also share some expert tips on how to keep your floors fabulous with pets around.
Best flooring options for homes with pets
Before we talk about the kinds of floorings that are resistant to the damage caused by pet accidents or their nails, let’s answer some questions about what makes flooring pet-friendly?
·      Is the flooring resistant to moisture?
·      Is it low maintenance?
·      Is the floor safe for use in your home?
·      Does it need harsh chemicals to clean it?
·      Does the flooring produce irritants or gasses, which may be harmful to your family and pets?
Keeping these considerations in mind, we have rounded off some of the best flooring options for your home. Here are some of them:
Stone tile floors
Due to their strength and durability, stone tile floors are unquestionably the best flooring options for houses with pets. In fact, natural stone is considered to be amongst the toughest materials on the earth. So, your pet can run around as much as they like without damaging the floor.
You can choose from quartzite, quartz sandstone, or granite floors. However, one thing to consider while installing stone floors is that they can get quite cold in winter and may make your pet uncomfortable. Worry not, you can get a furry rug or a cozy bed for your pet to keep them warm.
Cork flooring
Cork flooring may not be common, but it is a popular option when it comes to meeting the majority of the above-mentioned considerations for a pet-friendly floor option. One of the biggest advantages of this is that it is antimicrobial. This means that even if you have pet accidents on the floor, the flooring is less likely to have bacterial growth or mold.
It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew. It absorbs sounds well and is a great insulator. This means more comfort for your furry friend and less noise for you when they are being playful.
Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring is considered to be extremely tough, durable, and stable. This is why this flooring makes it to our list of the top flooring options for families with pets. 
This flooring is not just easy to maintain but is also unquestionably scratch and stain resistant. It can easily handle energetic pets and can be easily cleaned with minimal supplies such as a wet mop, broom, and vacuum. 
Another plus is that bamboo is a sustainable eco-friendly flooring option that is great for the planet. 
Laminate flooring
Mimicking the look of a hardware floor, laminate flooring not just looks extremely aesthetic, but is also a great choice when you have pets at home. Since it is water-resistant, it doesn’t stain when your pet has an accident on the floor or shakes its wet floor on it. 
Another great advantage of laminate flooring is that although it is not entirely scratch resistant, it hides them well. It is easy to clean and maintain, perfect for pet owners who typically have very less time on their hands. 
Porcelain and ceramic tile floors
Tiles not only offer your home a chic ambiance, they are also a preferred choice for families with pets. One of the top reasons is that tiles are incredibly easy to clean. All you need is a wet mop and a mild cleaner to wipe away the paw marks and hair. 
Tile floors are stain-resistant and hard to scratch. Another plus is that they are cool during summer offering your pet a good place to doze off. 
Keeping your pet-friendly floors clean-Some tips
Now that you know the best options for pet-friendly floors for your house, you must know some practical and easy ways to keep them clean at all times. Spills, stains, and scratches are inevitable and will occur. These tips will come in handy and help you keep it free of odor and muck:
·      Most of the damage to the floors happens due to the pet’s unclipped sharp nails. Make sure you clip them regularly. 
·      Keep your pet’s hair trimmed. 
·      Any pet accident residual or spills must be cleaned the minute you see them. This goes a long way in preventing stains. 
·      Use carpets and rugs across the floors. 
·      Train your pet to not use the floors as their toilet.
·      Place a waterproof mat under their water bowls to prevent spillage. 
·      Place a mat at the entrance to prevent dust and mud from entering the house.
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