Hassle-Free Home Updates that You Can Complete Before Christmas

Posted on December 14, 2022


If you’re looking to get some home remodeling done before the start of the holidays, the panic of the approaching deadline may have set in by now. Certain renovations such as a complete home remodel can indeed take months, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to take up a large project like that with an unrealistic deadline. However, if your goal is to simply refresh your home before the guests arrive, you’re in luck as this guide will take you through some hassle-free home renovations that can be done before Christmas.

Change Up the Paint
Changing your home’s paint is debatably one of the easiest remodeling tasks you can perform, and it will still significantly impact the ambiance. There are several holiday-friendly paint options you can check out from light colors to darker ones. We do recommend getting a few pastel colors to get the whole house in a jolly mood.

New Window Dressings
Whether it’s the holiday season or not, natural light will always be an essential part of your home ambiance. As such, it is a good idea to get new window dressings that will help maximize light while also protecting your privacy when needed. Shutters and curtains are some of the more popular options as they can even be customized to a holiday theme.

Install New Flooring
Getting new flooring during the holiday season can revamp your entire home. If you expect to get several guests over Christmas, it may be a good idea to replace flooring in high-traffic areas. Tile flooring options are the most popular this season as they are cost-effective and easy to install. Some of the more common materials for the holiday theme include wood and stone.

Fix Up the Guest Bedroom
With the ever-increasing guest list, it’s probably the best time of all to rev up your guest bedroom and get new furniture to wow your guests. Besides making a good impression on them, getting some holiday-themed bed sheets or covers may give you some great ideas for your bedroom as well.

Breathe Life into the Kitchen
In every home, the kitchen becomes the house’s most active room during Christmas. As such, it is important to ensure that your kitchen is in perfect condition for use throughout this season. Here are some things you can try:
  • Declutter your utensils and silverware.
  • Change the lighting of your kitchen. This works especially well for island kitchens.
  • Change the decorative environment of your kitchen.
  • Fix up any damaged parts or plumbing.

Final Thoughts
With the above tips, your home remodeling can be completed just in time before the holiday guests start arriving. If you need some help with the tile remodeling part, it may be wise to call an expert. Connect with our team at JustTileSetters today and learn more about how you can change your flooring at the most effective prices.

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