Guide to Renovate Your Tiles on a Budget this Christmas

Posted on December 08, 2022


As the holiday season approaches, the time for last-minute home renovations before the big party is also getting closer. While most of your focus may be on your furniture, drapes, and upholstery, the floors of your home will truly get everyone in a holiday mood. For instance, dark flooring can make your room look smaller and cosier, while light-coloured flooring can have the opposite effect. 
Moreover, flooring materials such as wood can make the environment ideal for Christmas. Unfortunately, finding the ideal flooring options on a budget is more complicated than it looks, especially with the holiday prices on the rise. But don’t fret; we’ve prepared this guide to help you find the perfect flooring option on a budget this Christmas.

Wooden Laminates
Getting natural wood to replace your current flooring is going to be very expensive and time-consuming. Even the tile installation process alone will cost a fortune if you go for real wood. However, if you’re looking to give your home the same cosiness that real wood would bring, we recommend using wooden laminate tiles. These tiles look exactly like real wood but have the benefit of cost-effectiveness and durability and are even waterproof.

Vinyl Flooring
Similar to laminate tiles, vinyl flooring can also give you the look and feel of natural wood. However, keep in mind that vinyl that has a texture similar to wood will be a little costlier than the kind that only looks like wood. The tiles can be customised in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, which makes them ideal for both short- and long-term holiday renovations.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles
Speaking of renovations, if your bathroom has suffered a bit of wear over the years, it may be time to consider getting new tiles for your bathroom as well. It’s best to choose a material such as ceramic or porcelain that is affordable as well as attractive. For the holiday season, we recommend adding a bit of green to your bathroom tiles for a pinch of festive joy, as it is the colour for this year’s tile trends.

Stone-Finish Vinyl Tiles
Stone-finish vinyl tiles can be used as a budget-friendly replacement for marble. While marble certainly looks gorgeous as a flooring material in every holiday movie ever, it also costs a fortune. By using stone-finish vinyl tiles, you can save a significant amount of money without compromising on the aesthetic aspects of marble.
Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire flooring or just a single room, getting the assistance of a reliable tile contractor can make the difference between making a hole in your wallet and getting value for your money. Get in touch with our team at JustTileSetters today for some budget-friendly holiday flooring options.

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