Tile Trends to Try Out for The Christmas Season

Posted on November 17, 2022


Christmas is the perfect time to give your home a new and interesting look that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. After all, preparing your home for the holiday guests is the perfect excuse to get some renovation done. Changing your tiles can help you breathe new life into any old room while giving it a touch of your holiday flair. However, with so many options out there, it can get a little overwhelming to have to choose one tile material and design for your flooring renovation. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve added some of the most popular tile trends of the holiday season.

Tile Trend #1: Go Wild with Patterns
Geometric shapes and patterns are sometimes considered tricky to work with. However, they have become increasingly popular among homeowners in 2022 and this popularity is only going up from here. Using tiles with patterns can help bring a warm and serene vibe to your room.
Implementing patterns requires balance as going overboard can overwhelm the senses and not using enough would just look odd. A great idea is to reserve patterned tiles for the accent walls in your home or to use them in smaller rooms. 
A great idea to make it match your holiday décor is to place your Christmas ornaments on the tiles and see if it gives the desired look or not. This can help you quickly sort through several options of tiles without breaking a sweat.
Tile Trend #2: It’s Time to Be Bold
Going bold with colored tiles can give your home an exquisite and beautiful look like no other. Some great examples of bold color choices are colored tiles that break away from the generic neutral colors you see in most homes.
You can go with shades of blue for instance that will look great with the golden-bronze accents of the Christmas season. You can use the color on either your floor tiles or your wall tiles.
The best thing about using blue is that it looks great with neutral colors so you can mix and match various tiles to produce a beautiful effect that looks elegant all year round.
Tile Trend #3: Go Big or Go Home
Another popular trend this season is to use large tiles on your walls and floors. Larger tiles are able to cover more space and while it may seem a little intimidating at first, you will be able to pull off a large variety of home appearances with it.
A good rule of thumb when picking out these tiles is to use the weight and thickness of the tiles as your deciding factor. If you go with thinner tiles, you will get less grout lines and the result will resemble natural stone.
Using large-format tiles in your living room can bring a serious luxurious look to your home. It will look great with more traditional Christmas décor and gilded ornaments that will make everything blend-in perfectly with each other.
Tile Trend #4: Holiday Naturals
Natural colors never fail to leave a positive impression. The great news here is that modern tiles can easily mimic materials such as slate, stone, brick, and even wood.
Installing tiles that mimic bricks on your walls and tiles that mimic wood on your floor can give the ideal holiday season look. It will help transform your living room into the coziest holiday space you know.
Moreover, a natural appearance never fails to impress and will be an excellent investment in the future of your home. Be it a dinner party or the next holiday season, your home will look ever perfect.
Tile Trend #5: Green is the New Black
One does not simply talk about holiday trends and leave out the color green. After all, it’s one of the major colors used in the holiday season. One place that the color will definitely slay is the bathroom.
If you’re looking for a complete bathroom revamp, you can install wood-like tiles on the floor and go with green-patterned tiles in the walls for an elegant look. It is a fresh color that will keep a vibrant vibe throughout the year.
Moreover, when your holiday guests see the beautiful color combination in your bathroom, it is bound to become the talk of the town. You can find tile setters for bathroom remodeling to help you complete your bathroom renovation just in time for the festivities.
Final Thoughts
As you can see, getting new tiles for the holidays doesn’t have to be extremely complex. You can use one of the trends mentioned here or get inspired by them to build new ones. If you’re trying to find a tile contractor in the US to help you with the revamping, using the justtilesetters application will make it much easier for you.

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