Tips for completing your flooring renovation before the holiday season

Posted on November 14, 2022


If you find yourself slightly bored with the idea of decorating your home green and red and matching every other home in your neighborhood, perhaps you can try something different this holiday season. As the summer months are ending, there is less time for homeowners to worry about their tile remodeling than before, and we’ve got a few tips that will make your home ready just in time for the holiday season. 
However, before discussing ways to speed up your project, it’s ideal to have your project planned out. To assist you with the planning process, here are a few flooring materials that are bound to match your holiday decorations.

Flooring Renovation Designs for the Holidays
  • Holiday Backsplash Kitchen
During the holidays, your kitchen will likely be at the forefront of your home since you’ll likely be preparing meals for visiting friends and family. As a result, your kitchen should be as beautiful as possible. 
Using ceramic tiles, you can ensure that your kitchen will be easy to clean if any unforeseen messes occur. Moreover, the neutral color of ceramic can seamlessly blend with all your holiday décor.

  • Cozy Living Room Flooring
Christmas time is ideal for relaxing with your family in the living room while a Home Alone marathon runs on the TV. To bring more coziness into this feeling, you can renovate your flooring with a more wood-inspired variant.
If original wooden tiles are out of your holiday budget for the year, perhaps you could find wood-style ceramic more fitting. This will add the perfect backdrop to your dinner parties and go perfectly with the green and red colors of the holiday season.

  • Grand Entrance Flooring
If this is the first time you’re inviting people over for holiday parties, you may want to consider an upgrade to your entrance as well. After all, first impressions are those that last, and a bland entrance isn’t likely to make one. Some amazing flooring options for your home entrance can be slate or stained cement for optimum durability and style. These are also rather affordable and buying them now can help you avoid the holiday price rush.

  • Updated Bathroom Tiles
Depending on its condition, your guest bathroom may also require a revamp. Even your bathroom can get festive themed tiles that make it a lot cozier than before. Some great ideas for your bathroom tile renovation include glossy tiles in shades of green or red. Apart from matching the holiday theme, they will also look excellent all year long.
Best Tips for Completing Your Tile Project Faster
  • Buy Materials Beforehand
Buying all the materials you need beforehand is a great way to get started on the tile project without unnecessary downtime caused by a lack of important materials. You should also note that tiles that are available today may not be available tomorrow, so you must purchase them whenever you get the chance to do so.

  • Streamline the Process with a Professional Designer
A designer can help you decide which tiles go where and also get you started on the process early on. Moreover, a professional interior designer is likely to have the experience and connections in the industry that will help streamline the entire process for you. In certain cases, your designer may also help you get a discount on the tiles you need, thereby saving you money.

  • Discuss the Timeframe with the Contractor
Hiring a professional tile contractor will have many benefits for your tiling project. Apart from managing the workers and the entire project, they would also be able to help you plan the timeline of the project so it doesn’t get in the way of your work or holiday preparations.

  • Accommodate time for Unforeseen Delays
As with any project, it is wise to accommodate some time for unforeseen delays into this one. This would allow you to make changes on the fly before the delays start to get in the way of your holiday plans. It is wise to discuss this with your contractor, so they can accommodate for the same in their schedule.
Ensuring that your home looks cozy as can be during the holidays can be more complicated than expected. You can find tile contractors in the US with the justtilesetlers application. With their help, you should be able to manage your flooring renovations just in time for the upcoming holidays.

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