Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Tiles

Posted on September 26, 2022


Your outdoor patio is just as important to your home and quality of life as your living room. It is important to carefully consider your available options when planning various features of your patio. One of the most important decisions involved here is the kind of tile you pick for your patio since it would impact everything else in a major way. This guide will help you choose the right tile for your patio while explaining everything starting with the basics of tiling.

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Tiles
Indoor tiles are often easy to choose as they must match or contrast with the appearance of your walls. Often, they don’t need to be as durable as outdoor tiles as they don’t come into contact with harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight and rainfall.
Outdoor tiles, on the other hand, need to be very durable. Apart from harsh weather conditions, they may also house various outdoor furniture and equipment. Moreover, the design of your outdoor tiles will be quite different, with popular choices being a natural, stone-like appearance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Outdoor Tiles
When choosing your outdoor tiles, you will have to carefully consider the following factors:
  • Budget
Your budget will likely be your primary consideration when choosing your outdoor tiles. As with most other kinds of products, it is a good idea to look for options within your budget and select the best one from there. In contrast, selecting a lower-quality version of a tiling material you prefer would leave you with tiles that might not last as long.
  • Where they Need to be Used
The exact usage of your outdoor tiles will also impact the kind you can choose. For instance, tiles that you need to place next to a pool would be different from the ones you would need to place under your patio furniture. This would also allow you more flexibility in choosing the strength and weather resistance of the tiles.
  • Weather
The weather of your region would be a major factor in choosing the tile material. Some tiles can become quite slippery in the rain, while others tend to crack when the temperature drops below the freezing point. Certain options, such as slate, would be preferable for regions with harsh weather, while others with pleasant climates can get by with limestone or sandstone.
  • Light Exposure
The color of your tiles should always be chosen on the basis of how much sunlight exposure you get on your patio. For instance, if, on an average day, your patio remains sunny, choosing a darker tile color would look better and vice versa. However, it is also important to consider the fact that the color would also affect how hot the tiles get during the summer months.
  • Style
The style of your patio tiles should compliment your home instead of clashing with it. If you have a rustic vibe in your home, choosing similar tiles made from granite, slate, or even sandstone would be a good idea. On the other hand, if your home has a modern look, you may want to consider wooden or concrete tiles for a sleek look.

Popular Options Available for Outdoor Patio Tiles
Now that you know the factors that affect your tile choices, let’s go over a few popular options.
  • Ceramic
While not as strong, ceramic tiles are the least expensive and most customizable ones on this list. They look excellent in most climates and are water-resistant as well.
  • Concrete
Concrete is one of the sturdiest tiling materials and is also quite affordable. The only downside to this material is the fact that you may have to reseal it after a few years as it tends to break away from its bonds.
  • Slate
Slate is another sturdy and weather-resistant tiling material for outdoor patios. It gives the look and feel of natural stone and also looks great when surrounded by gravel. Unfortunately, this can tend to get a little pricey, depending on the quality of the slate.
  • Granite
Granite looks absolutely gorgeous as a tiling material; however, it isn’t as sturdy as others on this list. Being an igneous rock, granite is quite porous and tends to absorb moisture and dirt. It may also crack if the absorbed moisture freezes too often.
  • Sandstone
Sandstone is another fragile material that looks stunning on outdoor patios. It can scratch and crack rather easily and is only suited for regions with dry climates.
  • Wood
If you want a wooden deck vibe on your patio, getting wooden tiles can be a more affordable choice. These tiles are often water-resistant, and while they need heavy maintenance, they also look gorgeous on a modern-styled patio.

Final Thoughts
Planning and choosing your patio tiles with some thought and consideration will help you get tiles that last longer while making your patio look absolutely stunning. The above tips will help you make an informed decision; however, it never hurts to get in touch with an expert if needed. Visit or Download the Just Tile Setters app now and get a list of the best professional tile setters in your area.

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