Steps to Keep in Mind while Hiring a Professional Tile Setters

Posted on September 04, 2020


Looking to change your tiles, be it for installation, repair or maintenance or a new tile setting project? But are not sure how to get the right tile setter for your project? JustTileSetters is a website and application that will help you find tile contractors and tile repair contractors around you. Here a few steps and tips to help find you the right tile setter for your requirement.

Locating a Tile Setter
The JustTileSetters application allows you to locate tile setters in and around your area. The important factor to consider is what type of work needs to be done, that is if it is an installation project, repair project or just an upgrade project. What will be the time required and material to be invested in the project? All these factors contribute to locating the tile setter and its easier to choose and shortlist the tile setters in and around you, or someone who is near you.

Shortlisting the Tile Setters, you Want
Once you have chosen the tile setters around you can now start shortlisting the tile setters that you think would be a best fit for you and the work you have in mind. The JustTileSetters application and website only lists tile setters that are licensed and qualified and experienced. The advantage of using the JustTileSetters application and website is that the tile setters and contractors listed are verified and all the required documents along with licenses are in place along with meeting the industry requirements and checkpoints. All you have to do is shortlist the tile setters that you think would be the right fit for the work you would like to do.
Talk to the Shortlisted Tile Setters:
On the JustTileSetters application and website you have the option of talking to the prospective contractors and arranging for a call with them. The website and application allows you to ask them any and all questions you have along with also getting an estimation of how much the project would cost along with details like which would be the best way to proceed with the work you have in mind and other details of the job such as the process and how and what tiles and materials would be used.

Verifying the References 
The JustTileSetters website and team does a thorough and detailed verification of the tile contractors listed on their website and application. Along with this customers can also leave reviews and the tile setters also attach photos of previously completed work, this allows new customers to see the work along with reviews and verify if the tile setters they have shortlisted fit into their requirements and allows them to judge if it’s the right fit for their job. Also, we have experienced and verified contractors so choosing is easy. You can compare the accolades and request call back from all or one, depending on your choice of shortlisted candidates.

Finalizing the Tile Contractor
Once the customer has spoken with the shortlisted contractors and cleared all their doubts and queries along with checking their references customers can now finalize the licensed tile contractor they would like to choose for their work, along with this they finalize the cost as well and set a framework of what is expected, what their requirements are and the schedule and timeline of when the work would be completed.

JustTileSetters Application and Website
The JustTileSetters application and website makes it easy and a painless process to connect with licensed contractors, repair contractors in and around your area. The verification process for tile setters to get listed is detailed and thorough with all checkmarks in place to make sure our customers get the best professionals at their service. Thus, making it easy for them to connect and hire professional and licensed tile setters.

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