5 reasons why commercial floor tiles are best for your business

Posted on August 05, 2022


When selecting materials for your business's flooring, it can be challenging to make a choice that appears classy and extravagant while also being practical for your business. Most companies use vinyl tiles or laminate flooring as their go-to options, but these options fail to become the best commercial flooring for businesses. 
Value for money, durability, and beauty are the three critical aspects you need to consider. Commercial floor tiles prove to be the best tiles for commercial flooring as they have all the necessary qualities. 
If you're planning to build your business space or want to get done with flooring renovation, continue reading to understand everything about commercial floor tiles
All You Need to Know About Commercial Floor Tiles
Commercial floor tiles or cement tiles fall under the category of hard floor tiles. These tiles are entirely different from ceramic tiles as clay isn't used to make them. Commercial floor tiles are made using sand, powdered minerals, color pigments, and cement. 
These materials are mixed together and poured into molds before they get compressed with an incredibly high pressure of 2000 pounds. Due to the materials used, commercial floor tiles don't wear out quickly. Thus, these tiles are perfect for commercial purposes. 
Reasons Proving Why Commercial Floor Tiles are Best for Your Business
Style & Class
Commercial floor tiles come in various designs, patterns, colors, and textures, making them highly versatile compared to their counterparts. You can customize your commercial flooring using commercial floor tiles to create a unique, stylish, and classy look. 
Cement tiles are compatible with the floor, and using them for your commercial flooring will help your space get extra attention. People often use the following ideas for using commercial cement tiles on their floors: 
  • Mosaic patterns 
  • Floral patterns
  • Geometric designs 
  • Combinations of various colors
You can Easily Renew Them
Commercial spaces like cafes, hotels, and resorts often need to keep renewing the space in order to stay updated and maintain their attractiveness. 
It is fairly easy to work with commercial floor tiles as you can rearrange them or remove and use new ones to create an entirely different look. 
Durability & Water-resistance 
Made using sand, aggregate, and cement, it goes without saying that commercial cement tiles are highly durable. Regular use and heavy traffic have got nothing on commercial floor tiles as they don’t fade away or wear out easily. 
Moreover, while water may not be a big issue for most commercial places, cement tiles are water-resistant as well. Cement tiles will be best for cafes and restaurants as water resistance is crucial for them. 
Thus, these tiles prove to be highly beneficial for commercial spaces as they can fight damage caused by water, and you won't have to face issues such as mold, mildew growth, and cracks. 
Resistance to Heavy Traffic 
It is considered a good thing if your commercial space keeps busy and has a lot of people moving around. However, hefty foot traffic is not suitable for commercial flooring
Commercial floor tiles can easily withstand so much traffic; it is not easy to wear their color off or take their shine away. This is because the color of commercial floor tiles isn't on the tile's surface. Thus, hefty foot traffic or sunlight cannot ruin cement tiles. 
Easy Maintenance 
Commercial floor tiles are not only durable, resistant, and stylish, but it is also very easy to maintain. Maintenance costs are considered to be one of the most significant costs for commercial space owners. They often look into this factor before deciding the best type of tiles for their commercial flooring
Commercial floor tiles have a low maintenance cost, and it is impressively easy to keep them clean. Cement tiles help you save both money & time. Their sleek look ensures it is easy to clean dust, water, and dirt, and their durability ensures you won't have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements. 
Commercial floor tiles are the best option for commercial spaces as they offer durability and style like no other tile can. These tiles will enhance your business space's look and ensure that its design matches your brand's overall style and ideology. 
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