Elevate your outdoor patio with a classy remodel

Posted on July 14, 2022


Having a patio in your home is like having a place to relax, rejuvenate and recreate. If you are a lucky homeowner of a home with an outdoor patio, you would, undoubtedly, want to lend it some personality. A patio can be an extension of your home or offer a break from monotony. 

Your patio could be a tiny space you want to transform or a sprawling garden that needs an upgrade. Either way, you can convert it into a place to start a conversation or sit in contemplation with ingenuity and creativity. With our tile ideas, you can transform your patio into a relaxing retreat or a 10 Inspiring Patio Remodelling Ideas with Tiles

There is no need for a rhyme or reason to remodel your patio. But if you do need a reason, here we have ten inspiring reasons to take up remodeling your patio flooring right away. Amazing ideas and tips are coming ahead.

1. You can’t go wrong with the Timeless Checkerboard Patio Tiles.

Checkerboard patio tiles add a timeless elegance to any patio. Moreover, designing your furniture or upholsteries around the checkerboard tile is simple. Throw in a few extra-large pillows, an oriental rug, or an oversized chair to complete the classic appeal. 

If you have a penchant for intrigue and adventure, you can’t go wrong with the checker tiles. It is fun and practical. It can make even a small patio space appear spacious and stylish. A bold checkerboard can set the monotony off by using the tiles’ two primary colors to create the entire look. You can create a checkerboard tile pattern by laying ceramic tiles. Then, go in for a dull finish tile for the perfect rustic effect. 

2. Choose a mesmerizing patterned tile for your patio.

Patterned tiles are the in-thing now and will stay stylish forever. Bold and beautiful patterns give your patio much-needed attention. It draws the people in and creates a statement that your guests don’t forget in a hurry. 

When laying a patterned tile, make sure you keep the entire look simple and elegant: the furniture, curtains, cushions, and wall colors. The patterns can sometimes look overpowering the entire look. That’s why you should choose simple furniture. Since the tiles look like a rug, you can match the patterned tiles with solid ones on the corners. 

3. Geometric Patterned Tile lends an edgy look.

To create a patio with an edgy and quirky look, go for a geometric patterned tile. Geometric patterns are becoming a rage in the interior decoration world, and not without reason. With the right tile contractors, you can create a one-of-a-kind look for your patio. 

4. Create a sleek look with the Granite Tiled Patio

Granite tiled patio lends an extremely classy look to every patio. The shape and size of your patio don’t matter - you can safely turn to granite tiles to transform your patio into a stunning unique space. Go for dull grey oversized granite tiles with minimal grout lines to create a modern high-fashion look. 

5. Go for a brick effect to create a spacious look.

Most patios will have large or at least medium-sized tiles, but we suggest you choose small-sized tiles the unexpected way. 

If you have a large patio and feel that covering it with expensive tiles could dent a hole in your pocket, we believe smaller tiles arranged in a subway pattern work best. You need not settle for the usual running bond pattern – go for herringbone, basketweave, or a combination tile pattern. 

6. Make a statement with a wall-to-floor coordinated look.

Tile remodel isn’t only for the floor – use them wisely to create a statement look. Your patio could do well with a floor-to-wall remodeling. A typical floor-to-wall look makes the entire patio look spacious and stunning. The coordinated look tends to make the space look contemporary and cozy. 

7. Decorate Patio walls with patterned tiles

If you are not too keen on the wall-to-floor look, pick a subtle or stunning patterned tile for the walls alone. We put our money on big floral tiles that can blend in with the garden. Channel the inner zen in you and make the patio look airy, cozy, and calm. Use specialist outdoor tiles that can withstand the elements such as water and sun exposure. 

8. Go for a stone-effect tile to get a country vide

Choose distressed tiles with uneven edges and complementary colors for a rustic and country-side look. Make your patio look like it’s been taken straight out of a glossy magazine showcasing beauty reminiscent of a country home. 

To set these uneven tiles neatly, you need to hire expert tile setters. The stone tiles should be set whimsically and elegantly – with no edges jutting out from the design. For a high-end patio look, go for slate, limestone, sandstone, or the specialty soapstone tile. 

9. Blend the inside and outside for a smooth transition

Make the patio an interesting extension of your living room – an arresting addition to your home’s personality. To ensure a smooth transition from the indoor to the outdoor, you can use porcelain or ceramic tiles that you’ve used indoors. 

 While these tiles are not ideally suited for outdoor use, textured or matt finish ceramic tiles can do the job for the outdoor tile flooring. Using the same tiles for your living quarters and patio makes your home look bigger, airer, and welcoming. Glass sliding doors can create a seamless transition, and you can welcome the garden into your dining area. 

10. To achieve a deck-like patio, opt for wooden tiles.

Everyone wants a patio like a deck facing the sea or looking up at open skies. If you have a deck-like patio on your wishlist, you should try wooden tile settings on your patio. The wood tiles blend perfectly with the outdoors and give your patio an earthy look. For a completely rustic look, use wooden tiles for the walls. 


Explore inspiration with these ten outdoor patio remodeling tips. In addition to considering the tiles’ price, look, and aesthetics, you should also consider installation. 


There are many options in tiles – from colors, textures, material, and price – but you have to get the right tile contractors to set them for you. So give creativity a chance, and witness the transformation of your ordinary patio into a stunning space. If you are looking to remodel or install your outdoor patio, Visit Justtilesetters and get the list of local contractors for free in your area.

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