How to create a statement look with unique tile setting?

Posted on June 22, 2022


There are houses, and then there are homes. 
Homes are individualistic – they are unique, interesting, and an extension of your personality. While the interiors, wall colours and upholstery add to a home’s charm, the tiles breathe life into any dwelling. 
With the right pattern, colour and positioning of the tiles, you can transform a quaint wall into an interesting space. But, yes, tiles can be expensive, but with creativity and quirkiness, you can create unique tile settings for your home.

Simple Ways to Create Statement Look With Tile Setting
You don’t always need expensive or bespoke tiles to set the mood of a place. You can set even simple monochromatic tiles interestingly – all you need is inspiration and an experienced tile setter to help you out.

Stripes Pattern Tile Setting 
Who doesn’t love stripes – the classic pattern you can bet on?
Using two or three complementary coloured tiles, you can create an interesting floor or wall pattern.
Dark and light-hued tiles are set in a simple striped pattern to create an interesting look to the otherwise plain bathroom.
Since it is not necessary to have long stripes, you can build character into your living space even using smaller striped patterns.
Floral Patterned Tile Setting
You can never go wrong with a patterned tile setting. Patterns can be arresting and set the tone for the entire house. Choose the patterns wisely, and give attention to never overdoing the arrangement. Use patterns to create a point of interest while keeping the rest of the décor subtle. 
A distressed tile setting used as a backsplash can add a contemporary look to any kitchen. The design is not overpowering, nor is it invisible - it is effortless chic!
These bold patterns in a subtle colour tone set the mood of the place. The floor-to-wall modernistic layout of the tiles creates an airy and refreshing feel to the room. This seamless tile layout makes the room appear longer and aesthetically pleasing.
It is another unique tile setting. Completely different patterned tiles are set uniquely and cohesively, giving the home a bohemian appeal. A boring foyer is suddenly transformed into an art décor. 

Hexagonal Pattern Tile Setting
Hexagonal tiles are the ‘in thing’ right now, and there is an astounding number of hexagonal tiles setting ideas flooding the market. Another ‘in vogue’ trend is matte tiles which can be used to jazz up any room in your home. 
There are so many ways to add character to a living room, and this hexagonal tile set living space is one of the best examples. The colour scheme is not overpowering, and tiles are not used more than they need to be – it is just perfect. In addition, they have combined striped tile settings on the floor to give the space an interesting dimension. 
This otherwise simple monotoned bathroom is fresh, detailed and stunning with the addition of the bright coloured tiles. 
The bright hexagonal patterned tile setting makes this simple bathroom achieve a great character. This minimalistic design and the interesting colour selection gives a fluid dimension to the place. 
Subway Tile Patterns
Subway tile patterns are one of the oldest ways to arrange tiles. But these are anything but dull. Instead, they can lend an interesting personality to space regardless of how you place the tiles. 
A dark-toned subway pattern layered diagonally gives this bathroom a unique appeal. A simple change in orientation gives the whole place a completely new look. 
Here, the tiles have taken on a personality of their own and have completely set the kitchen’s mood. The stunning colours, and the layout pattern makes this large wall gain an exclusive characteristic.
Simple and stunning – the chevron pattern gives the bathroom a striking look. The interesting use of complementary colours makes the tile layout more interesting. 
This crosshatch patterned tile setting brings sophisticated complexity to the wall. It is a great tile setting option to bring any room to life. Crosshatch patterns can be combined with floral tiles or with stripes. The entire look of the home can be altered when you combine unique tile patterns together. 
Tiles can accentuate a place and make it stunning, personable and unique. You can mix different tile materials, combine different colours, or play with patterns. Then, when your tiles are set properly by professionals, you can sit back and witness every nondescript place gain a statement look.

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