Why should you use a reusable tile leveling system?

Posted on May 30, 2022


Tile installation is a specialized job that requires excellent knowledge and judgment skills of tile setters. A little negligence can ruin the complete job, causing losses related to material, labor, and time. Therefore, professional tile installers prefer to use a reusable tile leveling system that brings fantastic results and value to the installer and the homeowner.
The most common problem that the tile installers face is lippage - an uneven gap between the base substrate and the tile. It is one of the common issues that require concentrated effort right from the beginning of the tile leveling process. 
The tile leveling system consists of different tools as per the usage. Using the system reduces the time to set tiles at the perfect level. The system mainly consists of:  
• A cap or wedge
• Clips
• A leveling tool
All these help place each tile accurately and make the tile leveling process hassle-free.

Also, there are several advantages of using a reusable tile leveling system. Let’s look at some of the benefits:  

  • Helps create a lippage-free surface
  • Ensures firm grout line spacing
  • Helps reduce the joint spacing
  • Keeps tile in place while drying
  • Eliminates any movement, slumping, warping, or shrinkage
  • Prevents re-lifting tiles to add shim/mud for realignment
  • Expedites installation and extends settling material coverage
  • Lower cost-per-use due to reusable caps for tile installations
What are the types of tile leveling systems?
There are different types of tile leveling systems used by the tile contractors to install floor or wall tiles in living spaces. The system choice is generally dictated by the dimension of the tile being installed and the familiarity of the tile setters with the system.
There are wedge systems, like 
  • Raimondi Leveling System
  • Perfect Level Master T-Lock System 
  • Rubi Delta Tile Leveling System
  • LevTec System 
These tile leveling systems utilize a wide wedge (and optional pliers) that glide into a leveling clip to achieve a flat surface.
Cap systems like the MLT Leveling System utilize a thin strap embedded in the bonding agent (adhesive) and a reinforced cap that pushes the tile into the adhesive, preventing any tile lift. The cap and strap systems require a leveling tool always.
The latest innovation in tile leveling systems is the spinning cap and post systems, like the Vite Leveling System or Spin Doctor. These systems do not require tools. The tile setters can simply spin the cap down the embedded threaded post till the assembly is secure. As soon as the adhesive dries, the tile setter knocks out the post and spin-offs the cap for use in the next installation. 
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