The complete guide to finding tile installers for homeowners

Posted on May 01, 2022


Home construction is incomplete without tile installation; you need the best tile contractors or tile setters to get tiles installed perfectly.

Finishing, patterns, and details are the aspects that differentiate tile setter's knowledge and experience. 

Now the question is how to find an experienced tile setter. Well, the answer is JustTileSetters – a dedicated website and mobile app that connects homeowners and anyone looking to hire tile installers in the USA with professional tile setters in and around their area.


Here is a brief guide to help you hire tile setters for your home project.


Before you go for hiring the tile setter for your project, ask yourself a few questions, like:

· What is the area that you want to furnish with tiles?

· What type of tiles (size, style, brand) do you want for your home?

· What is your allocated budget for the tile job for your home? 

To find answers to all such questions, you can log in to the JustTileSetters website or mobile app and get help from professionals. 



Once you have clarity on your tiling project, you should search for a professional tile setter on JustTileSetters. You will find the most experienced and certified tile setters in and around your locality. The best thing is that you can request a call back from the selected tile setters, who would be ready to answer all your queries and clear your doubts.


Not just listing, the JustTileSetters app and website enable you to check and verify the photo, profile, experience, and pictures of previous works of the listed tile setters. This app will help you find the most suitable match for your tiling project. The tile setter will execute your tiling job well and ascertain that your tiling project is done as per the professional tiling installation protocols.   


After shortlisting the best tile setters and screening their profiles on the JustTileSetters website or app, it’s time to talk to the most suitable tile setter to discuss your project requirements. Clarify any queries and get a free cost estimate for your tile project. Do not forget to check the references of the chosen tile setter before awarding your tiling project.   

A professional tile setter will follow a holistic approach that covers almost all aspects of installing tiles, such as taking measurements to ensure proper installation, removing existing floor coverings, tile-cutting, and tile-laying, besides cleaning and leveling the surfaces.


They even pay attention to minute details like tile placements, tile symmetry, corner matching, etc., which reflect the true craftsmanship of the tile setter.

As an assurance, you should sign a mutually agreed document with your tile setter, mentioning essential terms like material required, labor prices, payment procedures, and schedule planning. It would help you track your project progress and clarify terms with your tile setter.

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