Add the WOW factor to your kitchen tile renovation

Posted on January 13, 2022


The kitchen is the powerhouse of every home. Besides satiating your taste buds, it also sets the mood of your household. One of the surveys shows that most of the home deals are finalized based on the kitchen in the US, so its importance can't be ruled out.
Before remodeling or renovating your kitchen, the first thing one should do is PLANNING. Have a clear vision of what you want to change and what purpose. Kitchen tile renovation can be seamless with a proper plan.
Be clear about the budget:
Before starting kitchen tile renovation, the rule of thumb is setting up a budget.
Be sure of your funds and distribute them in phases:
  • Phase 1: Buying materials + shipping costs
  • Phase 2: Labor + installation
  • Phase 3: Finishing + last-minute changes
Search "What's trending in tile renovation?"
Kitchen tile installation is something that is going to stay for a while. So be 100% sure of your choice. Check out Instagram, Pinterest, or flip through interior magazines to find out the latest trends and innovations. 
Hire certified tile contractors
Before finalizing tile contractors, always review their work and check for their certification. Sit together and fix up a schedule for the project. Ask them to inspect your site and suggest what suits the best as per the space.
Order tiles and other materials in advance
Order and store the tiles and other materials in advance for an uninterrupted renovation project according to your area. Also, check for damages and design disorientation to ensure quality. It will help to ensure a smoother workflow. 
Below are some tips that will help you with the renovation of your kitchen, besides ensuring the quality, style, properties, and look of the tiles:
  • If you are going for a complete kitchen tile renovation, including the wall and floor, choose the right combination or contrast of colors.
  • The kitchen floor is prone to staining from spills and scratches, so choose stain & scratch-resistant tiles.
  • If you are a cleanliness freak, choose glossy finish tiles for kitchen walls that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • To avoid skidding or accidents, choose water-resistant tiles for kitchen flooring that dries quickly.
  • If you have an open kitchen, you can extend the flooring tiles of the adjoining room to your kitchen space to get that seamless look.
  • If you feel keeping only glossy tiles will look too flashy, choose a combination of glossy and matt tiles to create a balanced look.
  • Choose a creative backsplash tile renovation design to bring out that WOW look in your kitchen space.
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