How to hire a licensed tile contractor for your home renovation

Posted on December 10, 2021


In the world of do-it-yourself (DIY), people are crazy about experimenting with almost everything in their life. Be it painting, carpentry, and even tile installation at home.

However, those serious about the renovation or remodeling of their living spaces never compromise on the work quality. They prefer professional tile setters for tile installation - a specialized job that demands knowledge, skill, patience, and expertise.


Why are tiles so important?

In the present scenario, no home or building is complete without tiles. From façade to flooring, kitchen to bathroom, balconies to terraces, tiles create a style statement.

The selection of tiles reflects the personality of the house owner. The choice of colors, patterns, and size of tiles give a distinct character and shape to the space.

When so much is dependent on tiles, one needs to be extra careful while installing them.


How can I find the best tile contractor?

Now, the question arises, "Is there a professional tile contractor near me?" If yes, can he handle my work efficiently?

Well, asking the right questions to yourself will help you get the correct answers. You will have to shortlist and finalize a professional tile contractor for your tile installation work.


From where should I start?

To begin with, you can take references of the best tile setters in the US from your friends or relatives and evaluate their work by visiting the sites executed by them. Don’t come to any conclusion without having a face-to-face meeting. So this will give you more clarity about the tile setter, contract, billing process, and most importantly, certification or license. 


Who are certified tile installers?

You can hire a professional tile installer for your home renovation project. The Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program certifies a full-time tile installer after an exam checks their proficiency and skills. It tests their knowledge about substrate prep, grouting, sealant, layout, and other related skills.     

A CTI will ensure that your tiles are installed in the best possible way with minimum wastage of material and tiles.          

Although you may be fully assured after hiring a licensed or certified tile installer, it will be good to clear all the other things that may affect your tile installation project.  


What are the factors to consider before finalizing a tile installer?

The most important factor is to ask about the estimated project cost, including the material cost, the man-hours put in every day, and the expected time for completion of the work. These details will help you determine the budget, time, and execution.


Once you are satisfied with the sought details of the tile installer, you can go ahead with the contract, which should include the cost of materials, labor, payment terms, and agreed-upon delivery schedule. You may make an upfront down payment and schedule the rest of the payment with different project stages.  


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