5 Things to consider before installing tiles

Posted on August 24, 2021


If you plan to install tiles at your home, you must consider every minute detail of the process. It ensures you do not face issues during and after installation. It will help you as well the contractor who is going to take your tile installation work.
Whether you are remodeling your space for the first time or not, here are a few points you should always consider and look into before you start looking for a contractor for tile installation:
1.    Make sure you have clarity about the space you want to tile - The room is shaped and sized differently. You may want to give a different feel to each room. The first thing you need to consider is the room where you want to install tiles. Second, what kind of feel do you want to give to the room? If you are sure about the above two points, choosing the right tile color and design will be easier.
2.    Are there any existing problems with the floor and walls? - You may be looking for tile installation because the existing setup is no longer attractive or there are issues with existing tiles. If there are issues anywhere, you must dig deeper to see if there are any foundation problems. If so, you will have to ensure the issues are resolved. If not, your new installation will start having issues in no time - you may face cracking and tile shifting issues. Therefore you should get the foundation checked before the installation, hence you will save a lot of time and money by avoiding re-doing the work.
3.    What type of tiles do you prefer? - There are a variety of tiles available in the market. Different rooms and areas require different types of tiles depending on the moisture and humidity level around the house. It may be difficult for you to figure out, and hence you may seek professional help to know the tile best suited for different rooms in your house.
4.    Do you have any pets or children? - If you have pets or children (or both) in your home, they will be running around in the house and there are high chances of them creating a mess or damaging the floor. Hence, you may want to choose tiles that can withstand these problems. So you can consider the Granite tiles that have a hard surface and are not easily damaged. They are very durable and low maintenance.
5.    Do you have any plans to paint the house? - If you are planning to get your home painted, you will have to decide whether you want to do it before tile installation or after. There are pros and cons of both. If you get the paint done before, chances are that the walls will catch the dirt during tile installation. If you do it after tile installation, paints may splatter on the new floor. You will have to talk to an expert and act accordingly.
Installing tiles is not something you think of doing today and start tomorrow. You may, but if you do it in a planned manner considering all the above points, life would be a lot easier for you. 

Here seeking an expert’s advice is also a wise step. Experts can take care of the job by understanding your requirements and providing advice based on their experience. 


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