Does Professional Tiling Really Matter?

Posted on March 09, 2021


If you are looking to renovate or revamp your home, whether it is the bedroom area, the kitchen area or even the living room space, Tiles make an excellent flooring choice. Since tiles are available in a lot of colors, shapes and size, there is a lot one can do with the tiles, in order to make the space look lively and modern. Plus, they are durable and cost-effective!

However, when it comes to the tiling work, a lot of people choose to do the entire tiling process themselves instead of hiring a professional for the same. Sometimes a small project such as a decorative tabletop or a backsplash can be done in a DIY manner but for bigger jobs like floor tiling are better assigned to the professionals.

Here are the benefits of getting professional tiling done:

1. The Cost Factor
DIY method is normally cheaper than hiring professionals but still there are a couple of costs that are involved here. The budget also includes the cost of tools, equipment, extra supplies like nails, adhesives etc. You might also have to hire help to move furniture, to clean up the mess if needed and so on.
However, when you consider all this, professional tiling is normally cheaper. This is also because the professionals purchase their supplies and equipment in bulk at discounted rates.

2. The Time Factor
Working on installing your floor can prove to be a very time consuming process. The entire tiling process includes the prep time, the installation time and also the clean-up. For those who are not used to this process, it can be quite lengthy and tiresome.

3. Guarantee of Quality Work
Professional tile-installers usually guarantee good quality of work upto a certain extent. This way you can be sure that you will be getting what you pay for. Thus, you will for sure have peace of mind by knowing that your tiling project is in good hands and it is being done by a knowledgeable contractor.

Ask yourself the following questions in order to decide whether you want to do the tiling the DIY way or hire a professional tile setter for the same:
  • What type of flooring you want to install?
  • Are you clear with the floor installation process?
  • Is the project a lengthy one?
  • What is the amount that you are saving by going the DIY way?
  • Is the project a one-person job or does it require more people?
Floor installation job can prove to be tricky and if, God forbid, something goes wrong, it can turn into an expensive job and also time consuming. Thus it is recommended that you hire professionals for certain kind of jobs. Do your homework well and hire a professional from a reputed source.
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