Are you looking for the best tile setters in the US? Let JustTileSetters help you!

Posted on March 17, 2022


Any living space is incomplete without tiles. In modern home or office setup, tiles have become essential, especially in bathroom and kitchen areas. Even the flooring has been replaced; with tiles.


With so much reliance on tiles, homeowners always try to find tile setters who are experienced and qualified for their tile installation, renovation, or repair projects.

To find the best tile setters in the US, you don't have to look further but connect with JustTileSetters – a unique online platform that connects a customer to tile setters. Acting as a bridge, it also connects tile setters to the customers.             

You can either download the JustTileSetters mobile app or go to the website and find the best tile setters for kitchen or tile contractors for bathroom tile renovation around your location.

How can customers select the best tile setter for their tiling project?

The JustTileSetters mobile app makes it easier for you to hire a professional tile setter with complete assurance.

Let us look at the process.

Assess your need: First of all, you should be clear about the kind of tiling job you want to get done, be it installation, renovation, and repair or maintenance work. Next, you should know your area measurements and be clear about your expectations from the tile setter. 

Ratings & reviews of the tile setter: JustTileSetters enables you to see the posted photos of completed tile projects of the tile setters that you may be interested in hiring. You can also read the reviews posted by the other customers. Based on the ratings and reviews, you can make your decision to hire a particular tile setter for your tiling project. 

Shortlist & arrange callbacks: JustTileSetters enables you to arrange a callback from the preferred tile setter. It allows you to ask any questions that you may have regarding the tile setters and their working style. You can also get a free estimate for your tiling project.


How can tile setters feature their profiles on JustTileSetters?

The tile setters can register and create their profiles on Justtilesetters. In addition, they can add their ratings and reviews received for their completed projects. It enables them to get shortlisted by customers who visit this platform to find and hire the best tile setter for their tiling projects.


JustTileSetters has a detailed process for selecting and listing the tile setters and contractors on its platform. The platform follows stringent selection criteria whereby all documents and licenses get verified as per industry standards. It ensures that the most qualified and experienced tile setters and contractors get listed on JustTileSetters.

The objective of the JustTileSetters is to facilitate tile setters looking for projects to get hired directly by the customers looking for tile setters.

Over the years, JustTileSetters has become a trusted and preferred platform for tile setters and homeowners looking for tile setters in the US. For more information or any queries, connect with us today.

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